Innovative HIV testing services for children

Moving towards EMTCT Early lessons from use of the infant vaccination visit to address gaps in the PMTCT cascade in Malawi

Elijah Kavuta

Reaching children of key populations is critical to closing the pediatric HIV treatment gap and achieving health equity: A multi country analysis

Caterina Casalini

Prevention of vertical HIV transmission, including children with perinatal HIV exposure

Differentiated service delivery in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: Lessons learned from its implementation in Cameroon amid the COVID-19 health crisis

Nzoutchoum Flore N.

Improving Early infant diagnosis (EID) coverage through EID-Point of care testing (POCT) A case study of Baylor Uganda COE Clinic.

Gerald Agaba Muzorah

Successfully scaling community and facility interventions to support person-centered HIV services for pregnant and lactating women during the COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons learned from four provinces in Mozambique

Argentina Wate

Predictors of exclusive breastfeeding among HIV-exposed infants in Uganda, 2017–2019

Peter Chris Kawungezi

Growth, physical and cognitive function in children who are born HIV free, school age follow-up of a cluster randomized trial in rural Zimbabwe

Marian Mwapaura

Description of Mother Infant Pairs among infants with Incident HIV infection in a routine program setting in Malawi

Katherine R Simon

Leveraging private sector for bridging gap in HIV-Syphilis screening

Shilpy S. Vohra

Evaluation of a combination adherence strategy to support HIV antiretroviral therapy for pregnancy and breastfeeding in Malawi A pilot randomized clinical trial

Wilbroad Mutale

How outreach service models are improving prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) in the Copperbelt province, Zambia

Bruce Ngubu

Improving uptake of early infant HIV diagnosis services: Lessons from a quality improvement intervention in Akwa Ibom, Southern Nigeria

Chiagozie Nwangeneh

Engaging community actors, health providers and local artisans in Mozambique to strengthen the resiliency of young, breastfeeding mothers living with HIV to keep their babies negative.

Obert Darara

Paediatric HIV care, treatment and monitoring

A call for the rapid transition to DTG-based regimens among children, adolescents and young-adults in Cameroon a multicentre baseline assessment for the CIPHER-Adola study

Yagai Bouba

Pediatric and Adolescent Clinical Tool (PACT) supports identification and targeted care to children and families living with HIV to achieve viral load suppression at health facilities in Malawi

Elizabeth Wetzel

Comparison of viral load suppression between 2020 and 2022 among children aged 15 years and below, on Antiretroviral Therapy in Zambia

Severino Mbozi

The impact of Person Centered Care (PCC) on pediatric Viral Load (VL) suppression in Copperbelt Province, Zambia

Lackeby Kawanga

Optimizing care for children amidst COVID-19 and other public health emergencies

Improving early infant diagnosis and reducing HIV positivity among infants amid the COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons learned from four provinces in Mozambique

Argentina Wate

Lessons learnt from Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination program among girls living with HIV at Lighthouse clinic, Lilongwe, Malawi

Damba Douglas

Community engagement, differentiated service delivery, peer support, psychosocial support, primary healthcare, health system, school system, strengthening and monitoring

Enhancing pediatric HIV care; Lessons from Uganda’s program implementation

Musa Wamala

Strengthening the health system for improved performance using the empirical quantification for implementing partners tool, Kwara State, North Centra, Nigeria

Ikenna Onyejiaka

Enhancing viral load suppression in paediatric HIV through high viral load guardian sessions: lessons learnt from Lighthouse Trust Tisungane clinic in Zomba, Malawi

Christine Kiruthu-Kamamia

Pediatric Blended Performance Assessment Approach (P-BPAA): Measuring and Improving the Quality of Pediatric HIV Care in Southern Nigeria.

Oluwatosin Ogungbade

Strong community systems for paediatric HIV prevention and care: Experiences and lessons from the ’Towards an AIDS Free Generation in Uganda’ (TAFU) programme implemented in eight rural districts

Merian Musinguzi

Barriers and enablers of graduation among households of children living with or affected by HIV enrolled in an orphans and vulnerable children case management program in Nyanza and Western Kenya

Rachel Muinde

Increasing paediatric HIV case finding through paediatric index testing among two provinces in South Africa

Ziyanda Makaba

Retention and Sustained Viral Suppression among Clinically Stable ART Children following a Six-Monthly Clinical Visit Schedule in Nigeria: Age and Sex -Matched Retrospective Cohort Analysis

Ochedomi David Ekele